Character Spotlight: Emily from Did I Mention I Need You?

Character Spotlight: Emily.

Even though I found Eden’s actions increasingly frustrating in the novel ‘Did I mention I Need You,’ one character I did enjoy reading about was Emily. Emily was by far my favourite character in the novel and I hope she makes an appearance in the final book: Did I Mention I Miss You (even though she lives in Britain)!

  • She might be one of the nicest house guests in a YA novel, at the beginning of the novel she double checks that it isn’t too much hassle that she stays with Tyler and Snake before accepting the author. She also helps clean up the apartment with Eden after everyone’s had a heavy night
  • She is a good friend to Tyler, who has told her about his psycho ex: Tiffani and she isn’t afraid to stand up to Tiffani. “I can’t stand for girls like her. Besides, I stick up for my mates.”
  • She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, when Tyler’s drunk and is wants to drive, she is the first person to tell him that he shouldn’t drive.
  • When Tiffani tries to mess things up between Tyler and Eden, Emily stands up and tells Tyler that Tiffani threatened Eden.
  • She figures out that Eden and Tyler are in a relationship without being told, and she was observant enough to notice what was going on. She is also one of the few people that doesn’t judge Eden and Tyler and just accepts the fact that they are in a relationship.
  • After Dean and Tyler’s fight, both Emily and Snake help Tyler by getting the first aid kit and wrapping up his wounds with bandages.

Character Spotlight: Kirsten Greene from Just Listen

Kirsten Greene from Just Listen.

Don’t speak, don’t judge, just listen or in this case Just Listen. Kirsten Greene is one of the supporting characters in ‘Just Listen’ by Sarah Dessen. She is Annabel’s eldest sister, and despite the fact that she is in New York for the majority of the novel, she is nevertheless still an important character.

  • She protects her younger sister; Annabel at the start of the novel, when a twelve year old Annabel tries to befriend a sister. When Sophie rudely turns down Annabel’s offer to be friends, she defends her younger sister.
  • Prior to the novel, when their grandmother dies and their mother struggles to cope, it falls to Kirsten to take care of things around the house, and she continues this as if nothing was wrong at all.
  • When Whitney starts losing weight when she moves to New York. Kirsten doesn’t hesitate to call her parents and voice her concerns.
  • She decides to give up modelling when she realises that she doesn’t particularly enjoy it, and she isn’t afraid to tell her parents this.
  • She chooses to go to enrol some classes in college, but continues to balance two jobs knowing that she will have to cover the bills.
  • Prior to novel when Whitney breaks her arm when riding her bike, Kirsten rides Whitney home on her handlebars. This further empathizes that she is very protective of both Whitney and Annabel.
  • Throughout the novel she learns that sometimes she needs to speak less, and just listen. During the flashbacks we learn that she talks too much and volunteers too much information, but she slowly learns that she needs to be more concise.

So if you want to read a YA contemporary that has a great supporting cast then I’d highly recommend Just Listen by Sarah Dessen!

Character Spotlight: Owen Armstrong

Owen Armstrong from Just Listen

While Owen Armstrong might not be an unappreciated character in the novel Just Listen, I think that he is a brilliant and nevertheless important character and a great friend to the protagonist in Just Listen; Annabel Green.

  1. He’s honest, and he doesn’t hold back. A lot of people in books and in real life including the protagonist; Annabel, lie or don’t say anything to spare people’s feelings. Owen recognises that lies hurt more than the truth, and as a result he is always honest.
  2. When Sophie confronts Annabel in the car park. Owen is there for Annabel even though they’ve never actually spoken and helps her out. Despite the fact that it would’ve been easier just to ignore the conflict.
  3. He also gives her a lift home, when Whitney doesn’t turn up to give Annabel a lift. Annabel doesn’t even ask, he just offers her a lift.
  4. He encourages Annabel to be more honest and tries to encourage her to give up modelling which she clearly doesn’t enjoy. However Annabel wants to avoid confrontation with her mother.
  5. He’s not above being a photographer for his sister’s fashion shoot (although he does constantly criticise her music taste).
  6. He has a radio show, and is clearly dedicated to it even though it’s at 7-8 on a Sunday when most people are asleep (except maybe the enlightened insomniacs!)
  7. He doesn’t care what people think, he doesn’t seem that bothered when Annabel doesn’t like some of his music. On the contrary he seems to enjoy hearing what people think.
  8. He burns at least ten CDs for Annabel to listen to, ‘Don’t speak, don’t judge, just listen’.

So if you are looking for a YA contemporary to read and characters that you’ll fall in love with, then I’d recommend Just Listen, and I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with Owen Armstrong!

Character Spotlight: Jellia

Character Spotlight: Jellia Jamb from the Dorothy Must Die series.

Spoilers ahead for Dorothy must die, you have been warned… But if you haven’t already read it, go and read it! It’s currently free on Kindle and iBooks this week!

Jellia was a character I didn’t particularly warm to, at least not straight away. Her overly chirpy nature seemed suspicious to me, and I was right to be suspicious after we discover that she is Amy’s handler (a.k.a. spy for the Order).

  1. If one thing could be said about Jellia it is that she plays her part well, she is a spy for the Order, and no-one not even Amy suspects her.
  2. She convinces Dorothy to take Amy on as her personal maid for the day.
  3. She also keeps an eye out for Amy when she is promoted as Dorothy’s lady in waiting. When Amy nearly hits Dorothy’s ear with her brush, she flinches and drops the nail polish on the carpet. Dorothy then commands her to catch the rat and she has to keep her rat in her pockets as punishment. In a way Jellia is covering for Amy, as Amy (Astrid) distracted her.
  4. When Amy is being interrogated by the Tin Woodman, Jellia interrupts the Tin Woodman and convinces him to stop the interrogation so that they can continue with their chores.
  5. She also warns Amy that everyone’s rooms would be searched so that Amy had a chance to hide Star.
  6. Towards the end when she is accused for setting the Greenhouse on fire (a crime which Amy committed). She decided to plead guilty even though this means that she is taken away by the Scarecrow to be experimented on.
  7. However before she is taking away she speaks out against Dorothy, and tries to encourage all the guests at the ball to stand up and fight Dorothy.

Character Spotlight: Reyna

Hello everyone, and for this week for the Character Spotlight post the character I have chosen is Reyna from the Heroes of Olympus series (i.e. the follow up series to the Percy Jackson series). As far as underrated characters go the Percy Jackson series has a lot of underrated characters. Although this maybe because everyone knows that the film adaptations of the first two Percy Jackson books are rubbish, and every Percy Jackson fan knows to stay clear of the films. Anyway considering they’ve only adapted the first two PJ books, out of five it’s doubtful that they’ll be making the HOO series any time soon.

So here are just a few reasons why you should appreciate Reyna’s role in the Heroes of Olympus series. For those of you who don’t have a clue who she is, she is the praetor of the Twelfth legion in Camp Jupiter (it might be a good idea to read the HOO series before reading this, otherwise you’ll get very confused).

  • She is very accepting of otherwise, she doesn’t judge Nico when she finds out about his crush on Percy.
  • She makes sure to acknowledge Nico’s role in saving both camps. This leads to both Camp Half blood and Camp Jupiter accepting the son of Hades.
  • In the House of Hades Octavian is determined that Camp Jupiter should attack Camp Half Blood however she gives strict orders for them not to attack until she returns.
  • She flies to Greece on her Pegasus. She also transports the Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood along with Nico by shadow-travel. She also does this despite feeling betrayed by Jason and knowing that she may lose her rank as Praetor for breaking the rules.
  • She also gives Nico her strength to help him shadow travel.

And if this still hasn’t convinced you then:

“She flung her cloak in front of her and fell on the explosive arrow, determined to shield Blackjack and the other pegasi, and hopefully protect the mortals sleeping below decks. She had no idea whether her body would contain the explosion whether her cloak could smother the flames, but it was her best chance to save her friends and her mission.”

And this one…

“Then she did something so unexpected Nico would later think he dreamed it. She walked up to Nico, who was standing to one side in the shadows, as usual. She grabbed his hand and pulled him gently into the firelight. ‘We had one home,’ she said. ‘Now we have two.’ She gave Nico a big hug and the crowd roared with approval. For once, Nico didn’t feel like pulling away. He buried his face in Reyna’s shoulder and blinked the tears out of his eyes.” – The Blood of Olympus.

Character Spotlight: Alby

Hey guys, sorry this post is late (a day late to be precise). Yesterday was my last day on holiday at the Lake District and I spent the majority of today travelling (spending eight hours in a car is not fun). But anyway, here is the belated character spotlight post and for this week the character is Alby from the Maze Runner series.

Originally the character I chose from the Maze Runner series was Chuck. However but after recalling the events of the book I realised that Alby was even more underrated. Granted, he’s only in one book in the series but similarly to other characters such as Mags you don’t have to be in all the books to make a big impact.

As you might have guessed there will be major spoilers for the Maze Runner, so if you haven’t already read it you might want to stop reading now (unless you want to know the massive spoilers that is). So, without further ado, I shall list a few reasons why Alby is so underrated and underappreciated in the Maze Runner.

  1. Alby is the leader of the Glade and it is mentioned in the Death Cure that he was one of the first Gladers. He probably helped build the Glade along with the others who arrived first.
  2. He does what is right rather than what is easier; when Ben tries to kill Thomas Alby shots Ben to stop the attack. He then decides to banish Ben knowing that the only way they can survive is by banishing Ben.
  3. When he gets stung by a Griever and gets his memory back he summons Thomas to tell him what he remembers. Although when he tells Thomas he starts choking himself he still warns Thomas and Newt to protect the maps.
  4. Most importantly he sacrifices himself to the Grievers to help buy Thomas, Newt and everyone more time for their escape.

Character Spotlight: Madame Pomfrey

If anyone was a legend at Hogwarts it would be Madame Pomfrey, despite being a minor character she has an important role, no matter what’s wrong with you Madame Pomfrey is at the Hospital wing to look after you with no questions asked.

  1. In the first book Ron is bitten by Norberta, and even though she knew that it wasn’t a dog bite like Ron kept insisting. However she decided to drop with the subject upon his insistence that it was a dog bite with no further questions asked.
  2. She looks after Harry at the end of the Philosopher’s Stone.
  3. In the second she uses Skele-gro on Harry to regrow his bones in the arm after Gilderoy Lockhart’s attempt to fix a broken bone failed disastrously.
  4. She also treats Hermione after Hermione’s failed attempt at using Polyjuice potion leaves her half-feline.
  5. She also managed to work with Professor Sprout to help revive the students who had been petrified in the second book.
  6. In more or less every book she ends up looking after Harry, Ron and Hermione and countless others that end up in the Hospital Wing, (I reckon Harry could’ve got a loyalty card for all the times he spent in the hospital wing)!
  7. Also, in the battle of Hogwarts she ends up fighting and defeating a female Death Eater.
  8. She always puts her patients care first and she has been known to kick Albus Dumbledore out of the hospital wing in order to make sure that her patients get the rest they need.