Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard was a book I picked up from WH Smith partly because I was transfixed by the cover and partly because it was cheaper than the original price due to it being the part of the Zoella book club.

Before even starting this book I guessed it was your stereotypical YA read (i.e. just another YA contemporary with romance being the main focus). However when I was proven wrong I couldn’t have been more pleased. Instead of the plot being romance driven, the driving force in this book is the friendship between Suzanne, Rosie and Caddy which was a refreshing change from your average YA contemporary.

Although I disliked the narrator; Caddy at the beginning of the novel. Although this was down to the fact that she spends the first few pages feeling sorry for herself because nothing interesting happens to her and she compares herself to her best friend Rosie (whose dad walked out on her) and her sister Tarin (who is bipolar). How is what happened to them a significant life event?  Also, she gets really jealous of Suzanne, who is Rosie’s new friend, and she seems very bitter about Rosie’s new found friendship. However as the novel wore on I could see her character evolving.

However despite Caddy being slightly jealous and bitter at the start of the novel, this is what makes her seem like a ‘real’ teenager, she is a character who has flaws. The fears she has in the book? We’ve probably all experienced them at some point. However as the novel progresses like any other teenager her character develops.

Suzanne is one of the other protagonists in the novel. However the friendship between Suzanne and Caddy gets off to the rocky start, when Caddy is paranoid that Suzanne will steal her best friend. However she is quickly proven wrong when Suzanne makes every effort to become friends with Caddy as well. Over the course of the novel we learn more about Suzanne’s past (which is beautifully written) and how Caddy is determined to help her even if it means risking her education and friendship with Rosie.

Overall I would give this book 4/5 stars, I liked the fact that this novel driven by the friendship between the three protagonists. If you are looking for a book that features an honest portrayal of friendship then this book is the book for you! And I think that Sara Barnard is definitely an author to watch out for in the future!


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