I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four was a book that I decided to read quite by chance when I picked up the first two  books in a charity shop for 50p, (I also managed to find the third book in the trilogy) and although I enjoyed the book I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. Although I found the premise of the book interesting I also found myself skimming through the action parts of the book (partly because I’d read it before and partly because I wasn’t all that interested).

The novel follows sixteen year old John Smith (who isn’t the Doctor in disguise) who comes from the planet Lorien, and he along with nine others need to develop their legacies (a.k.a. their superpowers) and save their race. However The Mogadorians are on a mission to kill them, the catch? They can only kill them in order, and our protagonist; Four is their next target.

I enjoyed the premise of this novel (even if the plot is a bit overdone), however I found myself losing interest during parts of the novel (especially during the action scenes which I skimmed through). Most of the action scenes seemed to follow a similar pattern; Six, Henri and Four would be fighting against loads of Mogadorians, Four would think he was going to die and Six would ultimately end up saving the day… again.

Four was a character that I neither seemed to like nor dislike, his reckless attitude reminded me of a stereotypical Gryffindor with the constant need to always put his life on the line. Which brings me to my next point; the insta-love between him and Sarah. I don’t mind romance it books; as long as it’s written well, but I found the relationship between John and Sarah pretty unbelievable. Just after a few months of knowing each other John keeps saying he ‘loves’ Sarah, no, just no okay?

Sarah was a character that I’d probably like if she wasn’t such a cliché, she was the most popular girl in school and has been in a relationship with the most popular boy in the school, and her only purpose in her book is to serve as a love interest to Four (who I’m pretty sure has feelings for Six). If her character had been given more depth I think I would’ve grown to like Sarah.

However I really enjoyed reading about his best friend: Sam and Henri who is his protector (I would happily read a short story about Henri’s life on Lorien). Although a character that really stood out for me was Six; another member of the Garde. In contrast to John she is in fully control of her legacies (she has the power to turn invisible; how cool is that?) and pretty much spends the entire book saving the day. Seriously, if Six hadn’t have been in this book John would probably be dead.

Overall I’d give this book 3/5 stars, while I enjoyed this book it isn’t a book that I’m rushing to read again any time soon. However I am planning to continue the series, and I’m looking forward to reading the short stories about the Fallen Legacies.


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