Six’s Legacy by Pittacus Lore

Six’s Legacy by Pittacus Lore.

Hey everyone, I hope you’ve had a good week, this week I’ve been reading one of the novellas based on the ‘I am The Number Four’ series; ‘Six’s Legacy’. Although I neither liked nor disliked ‘I am The Number Four’, I couldn’t resist reading a novella dedicated to my favourite character in the novel; Six. (Especially since it was in Oxfam bookshop).

The novel is primarily about Six and her backstory which was previously unknown to us (apart from the fact that she and her cepan were captured by the mogadorians). So it was refreshing to read about her and learn about her backstory.

I especially enjoyed reading about how she managed to convince her cepan to reply to the blog post written by Two, which eventually lead to the demise of number Two. It was also exciting to read about how she escaped the mogadorians using her first legacy; invisibility (which is by far the best legacy in my opinion).

Overall I would rate it 3.5/5 stars, I enjoyed reading about Six and Katarina, I only wish that this was a full length novel. If you’ve devoured the Legacy series and want to find out more about Six then this is the book for you. However if you were satisfied with Six’ backstory in the Power of Six then this book just illustrates her backstory in more detail.

I also thought that this novella gave Six’s character a lot more depth and you could see how her character evolved throughout the novella to become the person she was in ‘I am The Number Four.’ If you love Six’s character in ‘I am The Number Four’ you’ll love (or grow to love) her even more in this novella.

Although this novel is a prequel to I am The Number Four. I would recommend reading that before as it serves as an introduction to Lorien, the Legacies and the Mogadorians. Also, can we all just admit that Six has the best legacy so far?

Overall an excellent addition to the Lorien Legacies series and I can’t wait to read the other novellas based on the series.


Hazel The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel The Fault in Our Stars


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All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Hey everyone, so today I will be reviewing ‘All I Know Now’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher. I don’t normally read autobiographies, but after meeting Carrie Hope Fletcher a couple of months ago I couldn’t resist borrowing ‘All I Know Now’ from the library. Prior to reading this novel the only autobiography I’ve ever read is ‘Jacky Daydream’ and ‘My Secret Diary’ both by Jacqueline Wilson.

Prior to reading this novel, I was expecting it to be a regular autobiography of her experiences growing up, acting on the west end etc,. However an accurate summary for this novel would be ‘How to be a teenager’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Needless to say the caption ‘wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully’ is a pretty accurate subline, and who better to write this novel than Carrie Hope Fletcher everyone’s honorary big sister?

This was a brilliant novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her experiences growing up. In her novel Carrie Hope Fletcher is refreshingly honest about her experiences growing up which makes her very relatable. I only hope that in the future she writes another novel focusing on her experiences working in the west-end and performing.

Whilst I enjoyed this novel, this novel is primarily about her experiences of secondary school and this book is tailored for teenagers in secondary school. I only wish that I had read this guide to being a teenager when I was younger! However this book can still be applicable whether you’re going to college/ work/ university/ sixth form school, and you can read it at any age!

Overall I would rate this book 4/5 stars and would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for something new to read and I’d highly recommend that you also check out her YouTube channel ‘It’sWayPastMyBedTime’.  If you want an unofficial guide to being a teenager than this is the book for you!

I also look forward to reading her fictional novel that came out recently; ‘All I Know Now,’ which is currently on my ‘to-read’ shelf, she also has a spin-off novella ‘Winters Snow’ that is coming out later this month exclusive to Waterstones.

Also can I just say that I loved the way that this was book was set up like a musical? The book has an overture, and it is split into acts, which I find makes this novel really unique.

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard was a book I picked up from WH Smith partly because I was transfixed by the cover and partly because it was cheaper than the original price due to it being the part of the Zoella book club.

Before even starting this book I guessed it was your stereotypical YA read (i.e. just another YA contemporary with romance being the main focus). However when I was proven wrong I couldn’t have been more pleased. Instead of the plot being romance driven, the driving force in this book is the friendship between Suzanne, Rosie and Caddy which was a refreshing change from your average YA contemporary.

Although I disliked the narrator; Caddy at the beginning of the novel. Although this was down to the fact that she spends the first few pages feeling sorry for herself because nothing interesting happens to her and she compares herself to her best friend Rosie (whose dad walked out on her) and her sister Tarin (who is bipolar). How is what happened to them a significant life event?  Also, she gets really jealous of Suzanne, who is Rosie’s new friend, and she seems very bitter about Rosie’s new found friendship. However as the novel wore on I could see her character evolving.

However despite Caddy being slightly jealous and bitter at the start of the novel, this is what makes her seem like a ‘real’ teenager, she is a character who has flaws. The fears she has in the book? We’ve probably all experienced them at some point. However as the novel progresses like any other teenager her character develops.

Suzanne is one of the other protagonists in the novel. However the friendship between Suzanne and Caddy gets off to the rocky start, when Caddy is paranoid that Suzanne will steal her best friend. However she is quickly proven wrong when Suzanne makes every effort to become friends with Caddy as well. Over the course of the novel we learn more about Suzanne’s past (which is beautifully written) and how Caddy is determined to help her even if it means risking her education and friendship with Rosie.

Overall I would give this book 4/5 stars, I liked the fact that this novel driven by the friendship between the three protagonists. If you are looking for a book that features an honest portrayal of friendship then this book is the book for you! And I think that Sara Barnard is definitely an author to watch out for in the future!

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four was a book that I decided to read quite by chance when I picked up the first two  books in a charity shop for 50p, (I also managed to find the third book in the trilogy) and although I enjoyed the book I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. Although I found the premise of the book interesting I also found myself skimming through the action parts of the book (partly because I’d read it before and partly because I wasn’t all that interested).

The novel follows sixteen year old John Smith (who isn’t the Doctor in disguise) who comes from the planet Lorien, and he along with nine others need to develop their legacies (a.k.a. their superpowers) and save their race. However The Mogadorians are on a mission to kill them, the catch? They can only kill them in order, and our protagonist; Four is their next target.

I enjoyed the premise of this novel (even if the plot is a bit overdone), however I found myself losing interest during parts of the novel (especially during the action scenes which I skimmed through). Most of the action scenes seemed to follow a similar pattern; Six, Henri and Four would be fighting against loads of Mogadorians, Four would think he was going to die and Six would ultimately end up saving the day… again.

Four was a character that I neither seemed to like nor dislike, his reckless attitude reminded me of a stereotypical Gryffindor with the constant need to always put his life on the line. Which brings me to my next point; the insta-love between him and Sarah. I don’t mind romance it books; as long as it’s written well, but I found the relationship between John and Sarah pretty unbelievable. Just after a few months of knowing each other John keeps saying he ‘loves’ Sarah, no, just no okay?

Sarah was a character that I’d probably like if she wasn’t such a cliché, she was the most popular girl in school and has been in a relationship with the most popular boy in the school, and her only purpose in her book is to serve as a love interest to Four (who I’m pretty sure has feelings for Six). If her character had been given more depth I think I would’ve grown to like Sarah.

However I really enjoyed reading about his best friend: Sam and Henri who is his protector (I would happily read a short story about Henri’s life on Lorien). Although a character that really stood out for me was Six; another member of the Garde. In contrast to John she is in fully control of her legacies (she has the power to turn invisible; how cool is that?) and pretty much spends the entire book saving the day. Seriously, if Six hadn’t have been in this book John would probably be dead.

Overall I’d give this book 3/5 stars, while I enjoyed this book it isn’t a book that I’m rushing to read again any time soon. However I am planning to continue the series, and I’m looking forward to reading the short stories about the Fallen Legacies.