Character Spotlight: Emily from Did I Mention I Need You?

Character Spotlight: Emily.

Even though I found Eden’s actions increasingly frustrating in the novel ‘Did I mention I Need You,’ one character I did enjoy reading about was Emily. Emily was by far my favourite character in the novel and I hope she makes an appearance in the final book: Did I Mention I Miss You (even though she lives in Britain)!

  • She might be one of the nicest house guests in a YA novel, at the beginning of the novel she double checks that it isn’t too much hassle that she stays with Tyler and Snake before accepting the author. She also helps clean up the apartment with Eden after everyone’s had a heavy night
  • She is a good friend to Tyler, who has told her about his psycho ex: Tiffani and she isn’t afraid to stand up to Tiffani. “I can’t stand for girls like her. Besides, I stick up for my mates.”
  • She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, when Tyler’s drunk and is wants to drive, she is the first person to tell him that he shouldn’t drive.
  • When Tiffani tries to mess things up between Tyler and Eden, Emily stands up and tells Tyler that Tiffani threatened Eden.
  • She figures out that Eden and Tyler are in a relationship without being told, and she was observant enough to notice what was going on. She is also one of the few people that doesn’t judge Eden and Tyler and just accepts the fact that they are in a relationship.
  • After Dean and Tyler’s fight, both Emily and Snake help Tyler by getting the first aid kit and wrapping up his wounds with bandages.

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