Character Spotlight: Kirsten Greene from Just Listen

Kirsten Greene from Just Listen.

Don’t speak, don’t judge, just listen or in this case Just Listen. Kirsten Greene is one of the supporting characters in ‘Just Listen’ by Sarah Dessen. She is Annabel’s eldest sister, and despite the fact that she is in New York for the majority of the novel, she is nevertheless still an important character.

  • She protects her younger sister; Annabel at the start of the novel, when a twelve year old Annabel tries to befriend a sister. When Sophie rudely turns down Annabel’s offer to be friends, she defends her younger sister.
  • Prior to the novel, when their grandmother dies and their mother struggles to cope, it falls to Kirsten to take care of things around the house, and she continues this as if nothing was wrong at all.
  • When Whitney starts losing weight when she moves to New York. Kirsten doesn’t hesitate to call her parents and voice her concerns.
  • She decides to give up modelling when she realises that she doesn’t particularly enjoy it, and she isn’t afraid to tell her parents this.
  • She chooses to go to enrol some classes in college, but continues to balance two jobs knowing that she will have to cover the bills.
  • Prior to novel when Whitney breaks her arm when riding her bike, Kirsten rides Whitney home on her handlebars. This further empathizes that she is very protective of both Whitney and Annabel.
  • Throughout the novel she learns that sometimes she needs to speak less, and just listen. During the flashbacks we learn that she talks too much and volunteers too much information, but she slowly learns that she needs to be more concise.

So if you want to read a YA contemporary that has a great supporting cast then I’d highly recommend Just Listen by Sarah Dessen!


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