Character Spotlight: Jellia

Character Spotlight: Jellia Jamb from the Dorothy Must Die series.

Spoilers ahead for Dorothy must die, you have been warned… But if you haven’t already read it, go and read it! It’s currently free on Kindle and iBooks this week!

Jellia was a character I didn’t particularly warm to, at least not straight away. Her overly chirpy nature seemed suspicious to me, and I was right to be suspicious after we discover that she is Amy’s handler (a.k.a. spy for the Order).

  1. If one thing could be said about Jellia it is that she plays her part well, she is a spy for the Order, and no-one not even Amy suspects her.
  2. She convinces Dorothy to take Amy on as her personal maid for the day.
  3. She also keeps an eye out for Amy when she is promoted as Dorothy’s lady in waiting. When Amy nearly hits Dorothy’s ear with her brush, she flinches and drops the nail polish on the carpet. Dorothy then commands her to catch the rat and she has to keep her rat in her pockets as punishment. In a way Jellia is covering for Amy, as Amy (Astrid) distracted her.
  4. When Amy is being interrogated by the Tin Woodman, Jellia interrupts the Tin Woodman and convinces him to stop the interrogation so that they can continue with their chores.
  5. She also warns Amy that everyone’s rooms would be searched so that Amy had a chance to hide Star.
  6. Towards the end when she is accused for setting the Greenhouse on fire (a crime which Amy committed). She decided to plead guilty even though this means that she is taken away by the Scarecrow to be experimented on.
  7. However before she is taking away she speaks out against Dorothy, and tries to encourage all the guests at the ball to stand up and fight Dorothy.

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