Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Hey, everyone, first of all sorry for the lack of updates last week. Now that lectures have finished I’m planning to catch up during those well-earned revision breaks. So, what better way to kick of your Tuesday (or Wednesday) with a review of Rainbow Rowell’s newest book: Carry On.

For those of you have been reading this blog for some time, you probably already know that I loved both Fangirl and Eleanor and Park (as well as her World Book Day novella: Kindred Spirits). However I was disappointed when I read Landline, and I was worried that this would happen when I read Carry On.

Carry On is set in the World of Mages which is a fictional world that Cath writes fanfiction about, initially when I read Fangirl I skipped most of Cath’s fanfiction excerpts, so I was ensure what I was going to make about a book about Simon and Baz. Although the end result was I loved it, and now I feel the pressing need to reread Fangirl just for Cath’s fanfiction about Simon and Baz!

When I first started this book it took me a while to get into; although this was partly due to the fact that I had lectures, assignments and exams to revise and prepare for. But this weekend I picked up Carry On and surprised myself by reading around 70% of the book (needless to say I got little revision done over the weekend).

The first few hundred pages of this book are a bit slow, (which was probably why it took me so long to get into this book). However this is probably due to the fact that we’re just being introduced to the World of Mages.

This book is inspired by Harry Potter (or at least the Simon Snow series in Fangirl mirrors the popularity of Harry Potter). Yes, there are wizards/ magicians in this novel, and there is a magical boarding school with a ‘chosen one’ but that’s where the similarities end. While Simon and Penny bear some resemblance to Hermione and Harry they are both highly likeable characters in their own right, and I for one really enjoyed reading about Simon, Baz and Penny.

The friendship between Simon, Penelope and Baz was one of my favourite parts of the novel. On one hand you have Penelope and Simon who have been best friends since they were eleven, and on the other hand you have Penelope and Baz who manage to work together (and bond over their love of magic) despite the fact that they originally hate each other. Don’t even get me started Baz and Simon, I loved them both.

One thing that slightly annoyed me about this book was the multiple POVs, I’m not a big fan of multiple POVs, and I felt that especially during the climax there were too many different points of view going on which meant that I got slightly confused at some points. I think I would’ve preferred it if it was just Simon, Baz and Penny’s POV.

Overall I’d give this book around 4.5/5 stars, I was originally going to give it four stars for the slow beginning. However after falling in love with the World of Mages; Baz, Penelope and Simon halfway through the book I decided to give it 4.5 stars. Also some of the spells were so funny, and I found myself laughing at loud at some of the names! I loved the fact that common phrases were used for the spells.

Side note: if you haven’t already read Fangirl then you don’t have to read it before reading this one, Fangirl is just Cath’s interpretation of what should happen in her fanfiction ‘Carry On, Simon.’ Whereas ‘Carry On’ is a separate stand-alone novel.

Final words: Rainbow Rowell please carry on with another Carry On story!

And that’s it for me! Hope you enjoyed this review and now I need to go back to the boring life of a Computer Science student.


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