Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLachlan

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog, this week I will be reviewing ‘Flirty Dancing’ by Jenny McLachlan which is the first in the Ladybirds series. For me this book was a really quick and easy but also really enjoyable read. The book itself is only 256 pages long so it is perfect for anybody who doesn’t have the time to read or isn’t a particularly big reader. However despite the short length I found myself really enjoying this book and sad when I reached the end.

First of all I should mention that ‘Flirty Dancing’ is aimed at the lower end of the YA spectrum, the main protagonist is 14, so I would guess that this book is aimed at 12-14. However despite being nowhere near the recommended age group I still really enjoyed this book.

What initially drew me in when reading the book (even though I got it for free because it was book of the week) was the lovely cover. I really like this cover and it was probably why this book ended up on the top of my ‘to be read’ list despite only having it a few weeks.

I liked the plot, Bea enters a dance competition and when Pearl (the school bully) rejects her from her dance group, Bea’s Nan suggests that she enters with another boy (who coincidently is Bea’s crush) and dances jazz. However like so many other novels the plotline was pretty predictable, especially considering that there were only 250 odd pages in the book. Well parts of it were predictable others might surprise you…

One of the main things I loved about the book was the dancing, my favourites include the Charleston and jazz, so the fact that this book was primarily about jive was something that kept me interested. I also loved how the dances got progressively harder as Bea got more confident.

Despite the fact that on the surface Flirty Dancing looks like a fluffy and light heartened read, it does with the problem of bullying; Bea is bullied by her former best friend Pearl. However throughout the novel as she gains confidence when dancing she learns to stand up for yourself and to be yourself no matter what.

Like many readers, I found that Bea was a character that I could easily relate with, and I really enjoyed reading how she develops as a character throughout the book. I thought Bea was a brilliant character, the supporting characters such as her Nan and Emma provided me with lots of laughs throughout the book!

My rating: 4/5 stars.


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