Character Spotlight: Alby

Hey guys, sorry this post is late (a day late to be precise). Yesterday was my last day on holiday at the Lake District and I spent the majority of today travelling (spending eight hours in a car is not fun). But anyway, here is the belated character spotlight post and for this week the character is Alby from the Maze Runner series.

Originally the character I chose from the Maze Runner series was Chuck. However but after recalling the events of the book I realised that Alby was even more underrated. Granted, he’s only in one book in the series but similarly to other characters such as Mags you don’t have to be in all the books to make a big impact.

As you might have guessed there will be major spoilers for the Maze Runner, so if you haven’t already read it you might want to stop reading now (unless you want to know the massive spoilers that is). So, without further ado, I shall list a few reasons why Alby is so underrated and underappreciated in the Maze Runner.

  1. Alby is the leader of the Glade and it is mentioned in the Death Cure that he was one of the first Gladers. He probably helped build the Glade along with the others who arrived first.
  2. He does what is right rather than what is easier; when Ben tries to kill Thomas Alby shots Ben to stop the attack. He then decides to banish Ben knowing that the only way they can survive is by banishing Ben.
  3. When he gets stung by a Griever and gets his memory back he summons Thomas to tell him what he remembers. Although when he tells Thomas he starts choking himself he still warns Thomas and Newt to protect the maps.
  4. Most importantly he sacrifices himself to the Grievers to help buy Thomas, Newt and everyone more time for their escape.

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