Character Spotlight: Madame Pomfrey

If anyone was a legend at Hogwarts it would be Madame Pomfrey, despite being a minor character she has an important role, no matter what’s wrong with you Madame Pomfrey is at the Hospital wing to look after you with no questions asked.

  1. In the first book Ron is bitten by Norberta, and even though she knew that it wasn’t a dog bite like Ron kept insisting. However she decided to drop with the subject upon his insistence that it was a dog bite with no further questions asked.
  2. She looks after Harry at the end of the Philosopher’s Stone.
  3. In the second she uses Skele-gro on Harry to regrow his bones in the arm after Gilderoy Lockhart’s attempt to fix a broken bone failed disastrously.
  4. She also treats Hermione after Hermione’s failed attempt at using Polyjuice potion leaves her half-feline.
  5. She also managed to work with Professor Sprout to help revive the students who had been petrified in the second book.
  6. In more or less every book she ends up looking after Harry, Ron and Hermione and countless others that end up in the Hospital Wing, (I reckon Harry could’ve got a loyalty card for all the times he spent in the hospital wing)!
  7. Also, in the battle of Hogwarts she ends up fighting and defeating a female Death Eater.
  8. She always puts her patients care first and she has been known to kick Albus Dumbledore out of the hospital wing in order to make sure that her patients get the rest they need.

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