OMG, I’m in love with a Geek by Rae Earl

Sometimes all you want is a light-hearted teenage read and this is exactly what I got from Rae Earl’s ‘OMG, I’m in Love with a Geek’. I’ve recently been watching Channel 4’s ‘My Mad Fat Teenage Diary’ which is inspired by Rae Earl’s experiences growing up, and when I noticed a book in the library written by the same author I couldn’t resist picking it up and giving it a read.

The book itself reminded me of the Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison; the main protagonist writes in a journal and we learn all about her ‘crazy’ family and her experiences with boys. Like Rennison Rae Earl manages to capture exactly what life is like for a fourteen/ fifteen year old. If you enjoy Louise Rennison novels then I would definitely recommend Rae Earl’s novels which bare many similarities to the Georgie Nicholson series.

I haven’t read the first novel (at first I didn’t even realise it was a sequel) but what is great about this book is that you can understand and enjoy this novel without reading the first novel; OMG, is this Actually Life.

The novel features fourteen year old Hattie Moore. Honestly, I expected her to be older (around sixteen) due to the age of Rae in the TV series ‘my Mad Fat Diary’ but whilst reading this book I began reminiscing what life was like as a fourteen year old. The main protagonist; Hattie is your typical teenage girl, she has a crush, good friends and a crazy family similarly to Georgia Nicholson.

One thing that I really enjoyed during this book was reading about Hattie’s crazy family especially her gran (especially when she gets a Twitter account!) I also loved the part where her gran gets an onesie and declares it is the future (which is actually scarily accurate). I found myself laughing a lot over her family (even if it was because they partly because they reminded me of her own- especially her gran).

Another aspect of the book I enjoyed was that we get to read all about Hattie’s experiences as a teenage; not only the good bits but the bad bits as well. Like all teenagers she makes mistakes and this made it easier to relate to her more. This is a very light-heartened and humorous read and if you are looking for a serious read then this isn’t the book for you!

Sadly this book didn’t make me laugh as much as the Georgia Nicholson series did (but those are very big shoes to fill) but it still made me laugh all the same, regardless of whether it was over Hattie’s mishaps or her family.

Overall it was a highly entertaining and enjoyable read, however I just wish that I discovered this book when I was younger, I would recommend this to anyone over the age of 12 (although I’m 18 and I really enjoyed this novel), I would give this book 4/5 stars.


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