Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLachlan

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog, this week I will be reviewing ‘Flirty Dancing’ by Jenny McLachlan which is the first in the Ladybirds series. For me this book was a really quick and easy but also really enjoyable read. The book itself is only 256 pages long so it is perfect for anybody who doesn’t have the time to read or isn’t a particularly big reader. However despite the short length I found myself really enjoying this book and sad when I reached the end.

First of all I should mention that ‘Flirty Dancing’ is aimed at the lower end of the YA spectrum, the main protagonist is 14, so I would guess that this book is aimed at 12-14. However despite being nowhere near the recommended age group I still really enjoyed this book.

What initially drew me in when reading the book (even though I got it for free because it was book of the week) was the lovely cover. I really like this cover and it was probably why this book ended up on the top of my ‘to be read’ list despite only having it a few weeks.

I liked the plot, Bea enters a dance competition and when Pearl (the school bully) rejects her from her dance group, Bea’s Nan suggests that she enters with another boy (who coincidently is Bea’s crush) and dances jazz. However like so many other novels the plotline was pretty predictable, especially considering that there were only 250 odd pages in the book. Well parts of it were predictable others might surprise you…

One of the main things I loved about the book was the dancing, my favourites include the Charleston and jazz, so the fact that this book was primarily about jive was something that kept me interested. I also loved how the dances got progressively harder as Bea got more confident.

Despite the fact that on the surface Flirty Dancing looks like a fluffy and light heartened read, it does with the problem of bullying; Bea is bullied by her former best friend Pearl. However throughout the novel as she gains confidence when dancing she learns to stand up for yourself and to be yourself no matter what.

Like many readers, I found that Bea was a character that I could easily relate with, and I really enjoyed reading how she develops as a character throughout the book. I thought Bea was a brilliant character, the supporting characters such as her Nan and Emma provided me with lots of laughs throughout the book!

My rating: 4/5 stars.





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Character Spotlight: Alby

Hey guys, sorry this post is late (a day late to be precise). Yesterday was my last day on holiday at the Lake District and I spent the majority of today travelling (spending eight hours in a car is not fun). But anyway, here is the belated character spotlight post and for this week the character is Alby from the Maze Runner series.

Originally the character I chose from the Maze Runner series was Chuck. However but after recalling the events of the book I realised that Alby was even more underrated. Granted, he’s only in one book in the series but similarly to other characters such as Mags you don’t have to be in all the books to make a big impact.

As you might have guessed there will be major spoilers for the Maze Runner, so if you haven’t already read it you might want to stop reading now (unless you want to know the massive spoilers that is). So, without further ado, I shall list a few reasons why Alby is so underrated and underappreciated in the Maze Runner.

  1. Alby is the leader of the Glade and it is mentioned in the Death Cure that he was one of the first Gladers. He probably helped build the Glade along with the others who arrived first.
  2. He does what is right rather than what is easier; when Ben tries to kill Thomas Alby shots Ben to stop the attack. He then decides to banish Ben knowing that the only way they can survive is by banishing Ben.
  3. When he gets stung by a Griever and gets his memory back he summons Thomas to tell him what he remembers. Although when he tells Thomas he starts choking himself he still warns Thomas and Newt to protect the maps.
  4. Most importantly he sacrifices himself to the Grievers to help buy Thomas, Newt and everyone more time for their escape.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

Ever since my parents got me an iPad mini for Christmas I have been reading more and more books on my iPad, so when I saw that Uglies was £1.99 in the iBooks store I simply couldn’t resist buying it, despite the large amount of books on my to-read list.

I have a small obsession when it comes to dystopian novels. Currently, I have read all sorts of dystopian novels from the likes of the classic 1984 to the Hunger Games and the Selection series. However all the dystopian societies the one I’m most afraid of becoming a reality is the Uglies society.

Unlike the Hunger Games where the Capitol hosts an annual Hunger Games where kids are forced to kill each other. In this series society is dominated by how you look and everyone is brainwashed into thinking their ugly until they turn sixteen and have an operation to make them look pretty. For me, this reality is scarier than the Hunger Games universe purely because people are already having operations to make them look ‘pretty’ now, so who knows how far people will go to look pretty in the future…

The main protagonist is fifteen soon to be sixteen year old Tally Youngblood, who is eagerly awaiting her sixteenth birthday when she can become a ‘pretty’. I enjoyed the plot but one thing that I didn’t enjoy was the insta-love between Tally and David. It was way too sudden for my liking, especially when David wanted to tell Tally everything despite not knowing anything about her…
This novel is a typical dystopian novel, it features a sixteen year old female protagonist who discovers that the society she lives in isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. However if you like dystopian novels and the common features don’t annoy you too much then you’ll like this book.

One good thing about this book was the character development Tally went through throughout the book. In the beginning of the book I disliked Tally because like everyone else in society she is brainwashed into thinking she’s ugly. However throughout the novel during her journey she starts forming her own opinions which make her more likeable as a character.

Overall I would give this novel 4/5 it had a lot of good aspects but I felt this book was letdown by the insta-love between Tally and David (although thankfully it wasn’t as bad as the Jewel). I would’ve preferred it if Tally and David remained friends in this novel before starting a relationship…

Also, can I have my own hover board please?

Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase


Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

Hey everyone, so the next book I decided to review was Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell which is a World Book Day novella. So for everyone who has no idea what World Book Day is, then basically it is when authors write novellas to sell to everyone for £1 or for free if you have a World book day token. If you want any more information just Google it because quite honestly that was an awful explanation, anyway I’m pretty sure that no matter where you’re from you can buy it online for £1 or some equivalent.

Over the past few months Rainbow Rowell has quickly become one of my favourite authors and when I heard that she was writing a short novella for world book day I simply had to get it. Sadly, my attempts to bribe my sister to give me her world book token failed but this didn’t stop me from paying a grand total of paying £1 to get her latest novella.

Kindred Spirits is a small fifty page novella and it features the eighteen-year old protagonist Elena as she stands in line waiting for the new Star Wars film; however she is not expecting to be in the last in a line of only three people.

One of the reasons why I picked up this book other than it was about Rainbow Rowell is that it is about Star Wars, Elena is a huge Star Wars film (like me!) and her mum says she looks like a twelve year so I found it easy to identify with her.

Another thing I enjoyed about the novella was the Star Wars related puns which made me laugh (although they were very cringe-worthy) like the force awakens and the Force asleepens!

Also the ending is brilliant, and made me laugh at loud (however I won’t spoil it for you!) All in all this was a hilarious read and I’d recommend it to anyone (even those who haven’t seen Star Wars- maybe they will get inspired to watch Star Wars)!

All in all, this novella was short and sweet just like any other world book day book, and I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of time convincing my uni friends to read this novella. This book is simply too good to keep to myself! Can we just get a whole novel about Gabe and Elena now please? Maybe even a cameo from Troy?

“Everybody likes everything these days the whole world is nerd” –Kindred Spirits.