Character Spotlight: Heidi

So apologies for the late update, anyhow the character who will be featuring in this week’s character spotlight is Heidi from Along for the Ride which is the book I reviewed on Tuesday. Unlike the other characters who have been featured here, Along for the Ride is a standalone book and not a series, but there are many great reasons why Heidi (Auden’s stepmother) should receive more credit than she gets.

Heidi mayn’t be the main character in the novel but she plays a prominent role in the story. So what makes Heidi such a good character?

  • At the very start of the novel Auden is reading an email from her stepmother Heidi, who seems very enthusiastic at the thought of Auden spending the summer with her and Auden’s father. Throughout the novel we are reminded by how she genuinely makes an effort to get on with Auden.
  • Half way through the novel when she has an argument with Auden’s father, and when Auden’s father questions why Auden is staying with them, Heidi ends up defending Auden.
  • She is the sole caregiver of a new born, because let’s face it Auden’s father doesn’t do anything to help her in anyway.
  • She learns from her mistakes and changes, when Auden learns about Heidi’s history we learn about how she changed as a person.
  • She somehow finds time to organise the Beach Bash, as well as look after Thisbe and make sure that her business stays afloat.
  • She has her own business, and she makes an effort to make sure that her employees are paid on time.
  • Although she may’ve lost the battle for her child’s name (Thisbe) she fought hard enough to ensure that her second name was vaguely normal (Caroline) which was more than Auden’s mother achieved.

So there you have it, seven reasons why you will love Heidi from Along from the Ride, so why don’t you pick up the book and give it a go and discover why Heidi is such an underrated character!


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