Landline by Rainbow Rowell

I seem to be on a roll when it comes to reading Rainbow Rowell books (three books by the same author in the past month is something of a record for me). However unlike Eleanor and Park and Fangirl Landline is aimed at an adult audience (although bizarrely it was in the YA section in Waterstones).

Anyway I’m a big fan of Eleanor and Park and Fangirl and although Landline was a great book in its own right it didn’t live up to my expectations. Although I hasten to add that I had very high (and probably unrealistic) expectations of this book.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be an expert on adult fiction (although I do enjoy reading Jenny Colgan and Carol Matthew’s books), I prefer to stick to the YA section of the library. But what better way to start reading adult (namely chick-lit) novels than to start with an author whose books I’ve already started reading?

I’ll be honest, I was losing interest in the book towards the very end because it seemed like all Georgie did was complain about her marriage and I felt like she was giving up on her career as well as her marriage. How is talking to your twenty-two year old husband on a magic telephone supposed to help anyone?

On a positive ending I did like the plot that she can speak to her twenty-two year old husband on a magic telephone, but my lack of interest in the characters meant that I rapidly lost interest in the book.

However admittedly I did enjoy the cliché ending (namely because she was doing something for a change) and the appearance of Cath and Levi (or two random people if you haven’t read Fangirl) was quite a nice ending. Although when I first read it I totally missed the fact that it was Cath and Levi (at this point I just wanted to finish the book), so that was a nice surprise when I re-read the chapter.

I would give this book around 3/5, it’s a good book with an original plot however I feel like the characters let this book down.

Also, side note why is it that every adult book I read that the main character is either an author, journalist or someone with a really cool job? I’m waiting to read a book where the main character is a computer scientist or something…


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